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Have I been away that long that I missed deviantart's new layout??? Looks like it....
I'm mostly on tumblr now but I'll try to pick up my pace on here again?
Last months have been really exciting and exhausting I was....done. For a while.
Oh well it's a private thing so let's put that aside. I'll try uploading stuff here again.
I drew some stuff on tumblr that I haven't yet posted here.
Still into deathstar tho


Resonance by KaburagiKotetsu

Semi doodle I colored in =3= Quatro fromage level, so cheesy

Soul resonance is between meister and weapon, though group resonance is mostly centered around meisters. You do not need to understand each other fully to resonate, though resonation will allow you to understand someone better, to a certain extent. Including their deepest feelings, if one is willing to open themselves up to the other. You can match each others pace to connect your souls to enhance the power of both, though the more your feelings are mutual, the stronger the resonance.


Seriously I don’t feel like reading the entire manga to figure out if this is actually possible. For now let’s say it’s a headcannon.

What I do believe is that people like Maka and Stein are able to tell through their soul perception if someone is in love. In my headcanon Maka will be the first to notice and tries to push them in the right direction, without telling them about it.

What matters - part 3 by KaburagiKotetsu
What matters - part 3
yeah I changed reading orders AGAIN I swear from now on I'm gonna upload this in western comic order I'm so sorry


part 1:…

Has been half a year since I last updated this comic haha I'm not gonna overdo the details anymore I want to finish this thing and it's still got a long while so


私は はんぶん オランダ人と 日本人です。
でも いまのところは ひらがな・カタカナしか よめません... orz
Milotic by CreepyJellyfish
Tumblr: and
Sign: Aquarius
Blood type: I wish it was D
Languages: Dutch, Japanese, English.. and a little German (when it comes to reading)
Hobbies: drawing, playing the piano

Favorite color: cobalt blue, black (to me it's a color), ruby red
Favorite animals: cats
Favorite sports: swimming, hockey.... climbing trees?! >:3
Favorite animated movies: Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki, Spirited Away, 5 Centimeters per Second, UP
Favorite movies: The Pianist, Ghost of a Chance, Intouchables
Favorite musical: Les Misérables
Favorite music: Ramses Shaffy, Aimer, Ali Project, Kinki Kids

Favorite food: sushi, yakiniku and Dutch pancakes probably top my personal top 100
Least favorite food: broad beans, French fries/baked potatoes
Favorite drinks: water, tea, wine, fresh orange juice
Least favorite drinks: any softdrinks, packed juice, lemonade

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I'm not into collecting Death the Kid emoticons/gifs/stamps or anything.

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