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I have noticed that some people have a hard time dealing with being unwatched.

But hey, don't let this get to you :) The more watchers you have, the more people there are to unwatch you. Some people decide to watch others, and if you are not the type to watch back - they might unwatch you just for that. Like I only watch about 30 deviants (groups included), though I don't know to what extent that affects my watch rates.

Of all the watchers you have, surely the time will come for some of them to lose interest in what you draw - perhaps they are no longer interested in for example Soul Eater. A huge amount of my watchers are (were) Tiger and Bunny fans. Now I'm spamming my gallery with Soul Eater (mainly Death the Kid) and I can't blame people for unwatching me if they are not interested in that.

I don't check out my watch rate that often but I experience some unwatching from time to time, at least a few times each month I'm guessing. And yes, it hurts. But there's no need to take it personal - I too unwatch people, even if they make awesome art – and I’m not doing it make the other feel bad. I just lose interest for whatever reason.
Also having many watchers doesn't always say that people pay particular attention to your work - for example I'm supposed to have about 240 watchers but I barely notice their "presence".
Whenever I upload something, only a few give feedback - which is about 7 people. The other 200 plus watchers? Some people silently look at it or give it a fave, but I think the majority (70%?) just skips my stuff or ignores it. People that tend to watch many deviants have a whole pile of work to go through in their mail everyday. Like people who watch hundreds of deviants - I won't be surprised if they accidentaly - or on purpose skip my work. Having a mailbox with hundreds of deviations gets tiring. Your single deviation would have to compete with all other deviations in your watchers box and if it doesn't stand out, that's too bad.
Keep in mind that it's also likely that some of your watchers aren't as active on Deviantart anymore.

Some watchers might have lost interest in my work long ago, but forget to unwatch me because I don't upload stuff very often.
I don't know what my watchers think of my stuff - that's why I love to receive comments a lot more than receiving watchers or faves.

It sure is nice having an audience for your work. Though in my case it made me hesitant in uploading stuff I like. Like the Black Star x Kid which has become my otp = how many people actually appreciate that? I can count them on one hand. The Soul Eater fandom is the straightest fandom I have ever been in so I feel like a turkey in a crowd of chickens. I can totally see myself losing watchers from drawing too much Deathstar. But I'll still continue to draw it, because I draw and upload things on deviantart because I think it's fun and I like to contribute to some small fandoms that share a similar interest. If there is only one person who truly enjoys seeing my stuff, than that's what makes it worth to me to continue uploading stuff on deviantart.

Overall I don't think you should worry too much about watchers, because this is very subjective. Like my Naruto drawing I uploaded recently - it broke all of my viewed/faved/downloaded records in two days - in comparison to what it normally takes for my "not-Naruto" drawings to reach that count (one week to 2 years) and to be honest, it got me down quite a bit. Because it once proves that the succes of your drawing often depends on the series you draw. Because that Naruto drawing of mine sucked ass. I spend way more effort in some of my other drawings. So as long as it's Naruto it's okay? Damn. Though the same can be said about Soul Eater - it's easier to favorite something that people already know and love. Some people who draw original stuff that has no fanbase hardly have any watchers at all, no matter the quality of their art.
Don't worry about people unwatching you - it is no use having watchers that only pretend to like your work, or just watch you for the sake of being watched back - as much as it's no use having thousands of friends on facebook you hardly ever talk with.

Just keep drawing and have fun :)


Height difference by KaburagiKotetsu
Height difference
A theme from deathstar month and I like the idea of the two having different heights but to me they have always seemed to have about the same height.
If there's anything that would make Black Star look taller than Kid it might be his spike xD

Black Star has short bangs for half of the manga so it was about time I’d draw him with that hairstyle as well. His outfit is from when he gave Maka the kelp candy from Mifune.
Kid’s outfit is from chapter 9 but they changed it in the anime so lemme use it then.

nsfw by KaburagiKotetsu
I put mature content on this properly, did I? Good.

My sweet cat decided to catapult herself between my legs just when I was about to go down the stairs so my body decided to race down on its ass instead. I think I broke something and I'll go see the doctor. So my day is ruined. Posting this should have been embarrassing for me but I don't care anymore.
Shitday shitass shiteverything. Sorry for my language.
Madness by KaburagiKotetsu
Read from LEFT to right this time. Sorry for changing reading orders again ><

An older theme for death*star month which was "madness".

I'm sorry

(For those who don't get it, it's a reference to the "This is Sparta!" scene.
Spartoi is a selected group of elite in Soul Eater, the members being the characters we know most.)
Fight -  part 2 by KaburagiKotetsu
Fight - part 2

Read from right to left

Part 2 and final part of the previous part (I just can't work fast enough with a mouse...)
Part 1:…

"You're capable of sinking from god of death-mode to the most miserable, pathetic excuse for a human there is. I think that's what's so cool about you."

- Black Star - Chapter 78 - Salvage (part 7)



私は はんぶん オランダ人と 日本人です。
でも いまのところは ひらがな・カタカナしか よめません... orz
Milotic by CreepyJellyfish
Tumblr: tho I barely use it
Sign: Aquarius
Blood type: I wish it was D
Languages: Dutch, Japanese, English.. and a little German (when it comes to reading)
Hobbies: drawing, playing the piano

Favorite color: cobalt blue, black (to me it's a color), ruby red
Favorite animals: cats
Favorite sports: swimming, hockey.... climbing trees?! >:3
Favorite animated movies: Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki, Spirited Away, 5 Centimeters per Second, UP
Favorite movies: The Pianist, Ghost of a Chance, Intouchables
Favorite musical: Les Misérables
Favorite music: Ramses Shaffy, Aimer, Ali Project, Kinki Kids

Favorite food: sushi, yakiniku and Dutch pancakes probably top my personal top 100
Least favorite food: broad beans, French fries/baked potatoes
Favorite drinks: water, tea, wine, fresh orange juice
Least favorite drinks: any softdrinks, packed juice, lemonade

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I'm not into collecting Death the Kid emoticons/gifs/stamps or anything.

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Oh yeah! Ich lass los! Lass jetzt los! Die kraft sie ist grenzenlos! x33
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