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A little ahead - part 1 by KaburagiKotetsu
A little ahead - part 1

For: :icon00buba00:

(Read from the right, I numbered the first three balloon thingies)

I would draw some Shinifam (shinigami family – parent/son moments between Shinigami-sama and Kid) for her but I couldn’t stuff everything I wanted to draw in one pic so I decided to make some comics. For this one too, I’ll see how far I get. Sorry that the colors are so..... baby blue... can't get much out of the Death Room's colors for now... also in the manga, the clouds are tiny! xD and Spirit... oh Spirit I'm sorry I just never draw you and I accidentally screwed up the lineart TwT

This comic is a joke once again, so the way shinigami-sama/lord Death comes up with Kid's name was made into a joke as well. But while I was working on this I remembered that there is a certain deviation in which Kid is depressed because he thinks he is not deserving of a real name. I had no intention of making a similar joke when I made this, but I'd like to put a link to the deviation because I think that deviation deserves more attention ^^

NOTE: No offence to fan fictions that have mothers for Kid in them!!! There’s one of those fics I love to death and have been checking for updates everyday and it finally got updated a few days ago~ 
I just figured this shinigami way of reproducing has made it a bit troublesome for some writers to write their fanfics.

If I’m being honest, I don’t think babies look all that cute. Especially in their first weeks.
The reason I find babies cute is for that reason not because of the way they look but because they are so pure and innocent.
The way they curiously explore their surroundings with big eyes and putting things in their mouth including their own hands – and some facial expressions (that are still more of a reaction rather than a conscious display of a certain emotion or intention) are what makes a baby adorable to me.

And when they wrap those tiny fingers around your finger – I FUCKING MELT

There is no proof Kid has ever been a baby, like Asura has never been one because he was born as an adult. We can see Kid in the manga around 3 to 5 years old I dunno
At the end of the manga Asura said Kid had been created as a child. A child of what age is not clear.
But well if he were to be there at 3 years old, what do those 3 previous years even matter – let’s just make him a baby, lord Death! (unless lord Death had no time to take care of a baby so he’d preferred to create Kid at an age he would be able to take care of himself)

Anyways Kid is a baby here. Sorry if he looks weird, the only baby in the Soul Eater manga is Black Star so how am I supposed to know how baby Kid looks like >3<

Shinigami-sama/Death the Kid/Spirit Albarn -Soul Eater © Atsushi Ōkubo

Little fragment by KaburagiKotetsu
Little fragment
Don't get the title? Well........... READ THE MANGAalwejlfkajdkfjghawlskefs

I wanted to draw some madness Kid with those stripes on his mouth and black costume but......NAH. There has been so many madness Kid art recently I guess I didn't want to repeat the idea too soon. Well this too is a mad Kid but let's say he needs to get a bit more mad at this point and when he is completely drenched in Black Mass's - I don't know, moustache perhaps - and gets out again he'd be fully mad.

....... why didn't Black Star get this sticky treatment? The Black Mass just... gave him a look or something and he got his portion of madness.
Or perhaps Kid needed the ink so he could get a proper costume because the clothing on his upper body was just a mess.

I could have made a fabulous rainbow background to make up for all the black white filled stuff I've been uploading recently but... now is just not the time *meditates*
I have been marathoning "The Legend of Korra" and I fucking love it omg. How the hell did this series not survive on Nickolodeon it's definitely the best series they have.
Mortal Soul by KaburagiKotetsu
Mortal Soul
For :icondiblover394:

Because she likes Kid x Liz~
(and you guys might have forgotten since I draw so much Black Star x Kid recently but I like this ship as well)

Kid’s soul isn’t visible since his soul is too big to preserve with the eye let alone within one body range.
Liz is mortal so Kid will have to collect her soul one day. The soul itself might me immortal, though.
Now awakened, time will most likely stop for Kid alone and Liz will grow older while he stays young.
Until that gap becomes too big, they can still date like this.


In Soul Eater characters are often nude when doing resonance stuff so…yeah.

The picture was actually a bit longer at the bottom but I cut it ‘up’ (yay I finally found out how to do that with the software I use – if I would do it with Paint for some reason the quality goes down quite a bit – and I would have to leave that part uncut) so it would look a little less nude and stuff like that honestly I don’t care about a little nudity in Japan we call it “pure” but yeah there is always the word “perverted” around blablabla like that in my opinion totally innocent pokemon card called “Kasumi no namida” got f**king banned from the English release just because her body was visible even though the “inappropriate parts” were covered geez like what the- sorry I’m getting off topic.

Liz Thompson/Death the Kid -Soul Eater © Atsushi Ōkubo

What matters - Part 1 by KaburagiKotetsu
What matters - Part 1
Excuse me and no, I haven't watched too much Free!. I was gonna draw it someday anyways as I finished sketching the whole comic months ago. I'll see how far I get.

My efforts to save the background were in vain it now looks like expired tuna.

Title changing at random until I decide to stick with one because I just don't know.

(I still haven't drawn Maka. How come I get to draw Giriko earlier than Maka?!!
Ugh I'm in a slump. I can't draw normal stuff right now and I f**king mean it I failed 3 weeks in a row trying to draw the stuff that I should be drawing. I'll try again next time)

As you can see from this glorious encounter *derpswoon* this comic is a joke. And it’s a part of a long ass joke. I'm not putting so much details in it again omg no
Had I only stopped doing that earlier it would have saved me from drawing this ugly ass fish market
Next time I’m drawing stick figures or something. Please look forward to it it’s gonna be derptastic  

I asked for advice what color tail I should give Kid and “gold” was suggested (thank you~) Still not sure how I should color in his tail so I did something random.

Black could have been the obvious choice but it made him look like an orka or a human who’s lower body got cut off and stitched together with black trousers. At least it looks like that on MY drawings perhaps there is some nice looking black tailed fish Kid from other people somewhere out there but I doubt it I barely see any fish smelling Kid art anywhere.

Gold is fun to do and it fits his eyes  o3o
Perhaps going to change the fins later on but I tried some stuff and it didn't go well.

Soul Eater Shipping Meme by KaburagiKotetsu
Soul Eater Shipping Meme
Normally I don't do meme's but this one seemed too fun to resist xD
I wrote an explanation for each of the ships I've chosen below.

Also, I take the manga as most canon. So all of my reasons are based on the manga.
By most of the ships I put a page of the manga that I think more or less fits the ship.
Pfft this is such a nerd post...

Blank meme:…

I ship them so hard!!

Kid x Liz Liz is the only one who bothers helping Kid out of his tantrums. Kid also seems to be the only one who cares about Liz's fear for ghosts. I think the two balance each other out in a good way ^^ I personally thought this scene was cute… and it seems that at least Liz definitely has deep feelings for Kid. She was the only one who was worried about Kid the whole time while the rest seemed kinda easy going and Maka was too busy thinking about how to let Soul grow cute angel wings.… Heck, Liz even wielded Excalibur for Kid xD…

Still, I like the meister and sisters threesome as well look at these idiots…

Black Star x Kid Fucking piggy ride like wtf guys it's fucking adorable.… Aside from their weapons, these two interact the most within the group, if not in an obsessive way. I started shipping them after I read how they truly thought of each……

I like them.

Soul x Maka Because why not. Soul has been the only weapon so desperate to protect his meister with his body and I think they're really close friends. I wouldn't be surprized if it would become something. Of course there's this almost last manga page which made Soma fans go squeeling but I picked this page because this is the only page in which Soul actually blushes towards her, if only a little bit.…

Black Star x Maka Look at this motherfucking page I love it… Also if anyone knows the page in which little Maka idolizes little Black Star tell me omg

Kid x Patti Or the other way around. I believe the two of them are almost as close as Liz is with Kid. And if you worry about intelligence compatibility, Patti isn't as dumb as she…

Black Star x Patti When it comes to crazyness, these two fit as a puzzle xD Also, combat wise they are the best in the group which can make some fun…

Black Star x Tsubaki It's clear that the two care a lot of each other - after all this is the first set of people who can communicate and most importantly - respect each other. Still, since Tsubaki talks to Black Star in a manner as if he's like a little brother, I don't ship the two in a romantic way that much but I think there are still plenty of cute moments, especially this one… ain't that romantic ^^

Stein x Spirit The situations and conversations between the two are so awkward yet cute. Also Stein never seemed more interested in anyone but Spirit and a certain someone else

Stein x Medusa Continuation of that someone else, which is Medusa. They share the same hobby, interest and crazyness. If only Medusa wasn't a dangerous witch I'd liked to see the two as a couple.

Stein x Marie One of the few canon couples of the series. I think the two share a cute bond. It's just that I didn't imagine Stein would fall in love with someone so.... normal. Still, I like…

Patti x Crona Probably the most illogical ship in this list. So why? Patti is the definition of happiness, Crona the definition of depression. It's gotta be cute and hilarious as hell xDD Also the Thompson sisters and Crona spent shopping time together, something you didn't see between Maka or anyone else.

Still fine with this...

BlackStar x Crona Has anyone EVER thought of this? I think I invented this ship myself, lol. People barely seem to notice due to the huge overload of KidxCrona, but next to Maka, it was BlackStar who seemed to care about Crona the most……
It's just that I don't think Crona would be able to handle someone as loud as Black Star. Still, it could be a sweet couple.

Soul x Kid You know that famous scene from which most Soki fans were born? Kid and Soul had a rare conversation between just the two of them - Kid was worried about Soul's wound and touched his chest with his fist. THAT SCENE DOESN'T EXIST IN THE MANGA. If it did, I might have considered a bit, since the two have the same 'calm' personality. Still, the two barely interact. Oh well, I like the ship on a 'normal' level ^^

Soul x Patti I wouldn't have thought about this ship ever if it weren't for this cute official art like awwwn xD… The manga doesn't show any of such things, tho. It's just that there seems to be a possibility somewhere.

Maka x Crona Reason why there are few Crona involving ships in my list is because I think Crona first has to learn to get around with people and after that we can worry about love relationships. But if there would be room for that, I think Maka is the only one who can do the job. The two care about each other A LOT it goes beyond friendship. Btw, I can't see Crona as either a guy or a girl. But if I had to choose, Crona would be a girl. But who cares. This discussion is so old and obnoxious who cares about sex.…

Black Star x Soul Honestly I think the two fit best as friends, it's just that I don't mind them being a couple as well it works both for me. There was one legit yaoi hinting scene but I think we all know that was for comic purposes xD Still I think it's cute haha…

Kid x Maka This ship is very popular, but I don't really understand why. The two have a fitting personality when it comes to taking things seriously and they both like books. They'd be nice book buddies. 23The problem is just that I have never seen the two sharing sweet moments. That is why I was so confused at that famous page in which Kid got (very) upset at the enemies plotting Maka’s assassination. Even though it’s obvious to get angry when someone wants to kill your friend, to me it just felt out of character. There is only one moment I consider as a KidxMaka moment, which is the monkey moment, that was just adorable. Still considering that many Soul Eater fans do not read the manga, I don’t know where the popularity of this pairing comes…

Stein x Kid Well yeah Stein I know your interests lie in experiments but that sounded kinda horny lol… It's just a fun idea but I don't think it would be much more. But I still like the idea haha

Black Star x Liz The two can be just as rough I guess (personality wise) and I thought it was nice when Black Star tried to reassure Liz of Kid's safety. Though at that time, Liz's head was full of Kid, obviously.

Tsubaki x Liz I just loved the mess the two got in when they got their sex changed. It was cute and hilarious xD Also the two seemed closer than I had thought they…

Spirit x Blair I don't see the two in love and stuff, but Spirit does find comfort by Blair when he discusses his problems with her. And I think Blair is sweet to Spirit as well ^^ Of course I'd love to ship Spirit with his wife, but she ain't anywhere. Btw, Maka's mum's name is NOT Kami. In Japanese, the word 'kami' refers to 'wife'. It's not a name.

Blair x Maka These two get along pretty well, actually. They seem to care a lot about each other. Still, Blair is more like a motherly figure towards Maka. It would be a cute combination, tho. I started to think like that after looking through Ohkubo's art book xD

No, please not!

Death x Excalibur For obvious reasons, I don't ship Excalibur with anyone. It's not worth mentioning. Reason why I bothered putting a line between Excalibur and Death is that the two are the only ones who can share a conversation, it seems. With that I mean, a conversation in which the one who is NOT Excalibur can manage not to make an 'excalibur face'. Also Death seems to have a lot of trust in Excalibur, for asking him to look over his sons. But of course, I don't ship the two at all.

Shouldn't even exist!!

Kid x Crona If this pairing wasn't that immensely popular, I wouldn't even hate on it. Well.. hate is a big word.. let's take 'strongly dislike'. If something is so popular yet so illogical (I think) it gets frustrating.. I still haven't had a proper explanation for its popularity. Oh well. I tried looking for KidxCrona moments too, but I didn’t find much more than the famous shoulder touch. And in the manga it doesn’t really look as sweet as how it looks in the anime, in my… That was one page, somewhere at 1/4th of the manga, and after that the two never… NEVER had a conversation EVER again. The only moment I remember Kid talking about Crona was when he decided that "Crona’s disposal is inevitable". And I have seen Black Star worried about Crona way more times than Kid, who just seems to look at the situation more rationally than emotionally.…
If a shoulder touch is enough to make a pairing, then why does everyone seem to ignore the kind words of Black Star - by which Crona seemed more touched - right after that?

Black Star x Excalibur There is no other person who hates Excalibur as much as Black Star xDD


私は はんぶん オランダ人と 日本人です。
でも いまのところは ひらがな・カタカナしか よめません... orz
Milotic by CreepyJellyfish
Sign: Aquarius
Blood type: I wish it was D
Languages: Dutch, Japanese, English.. and a little German (when it comes to reading)
Hobbies: drawing, playing the piano

Favorite color: cobalt blue, black (to me it's a color), ruby red
Favorite animals: cats
Favorite sports: swimming, hockey.... climbing trees?! >:3
Favorite animated movies: Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki, Spirited Away, 5 Centimeters per Second, UP
Favorite movies: The Pianist, Ghost of a Chance, Intouchables
Favorite musical: Les Misérables
Favorite music: Ramses Shaffy, Aimer, Ali Project, Kinki Kids

Favorite food: sushi, yakiniku and Dutch pancakes probably top my personal top 100
Least favorite food: broad beans, French fries/baked potatoes
Favorite drinks: water, tea, wine, fresh orange juice
Least favorite drinks: any softdrinks, packed juice, lemonade

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I'm not into collecting Death the Kid emoticons/gifs/stamps or anything.

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